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Highly qualified

Our experts includes:

Credit counselors certified in the areas of consumer credit, debt management, and budgeting. And Certified ethical hackers specifically dedicated to helping you.


When it comes to executing the job, we adopt only the latest and most effective protocols.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Anonymity, Security, Reliability and your desired outcome is part of our service. Never worry about your privacy or security going on the grid.


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Secure Money

We will provide you with a proof of payment. Should you ever need a refund, thats all you have to provide and you will be refunded instantly.

Personal Attention

Its all about you. We are patient and accommodating, So you can have a friend in credit repair and ethical hacking business. 24 hours live chat available for instant Messaging with our Agents.


Dedicated to helping you find the best solutions in credit repair and ethical hacking. We only recommend and provide permanent solutions to your hacking needs.

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Oh my God! Thank you so much for helping me with my withdrawal issues, I thought I’d lost my money to those Forex scammers.

Thomas Benjamin

Thanks for fixing my credit. My credit score shot up to 800 and all negative information were cleared. I just got the loan i needed for my mortgage. You guys are the best!


Jessica Dan

These guys hacked into SAT server and changed my score. Wow!, i got a boost from 800 to 1450.

Henry Brian

OMG! you guys just gave me a fresh start, my DUI record has been a huge problem for me and you guys made it go away, i got my license back just afterwards. Thank you very much.

Bob Kent

Our Work


Reputable Credit Repair Company; Our experienced experts are trained in consumer debt management, budgeting, protection laws etc helping you resolve items on your credit report in the fastest and most effective way possible. Every credit situation is unique—that’s why we’ve created Focus Steps, a personalized solution that targets one of five main areas: student loans, military service, identity theft, medical expenses and Divorce.

Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH); is a skilled professional who understands and knows how to look for weaknesses, loopholes and vulnerabilities in target systems and uses the same knowledge and tools as a malicious hacker, but in a lawful and legitimate manner.

Certified Security Professionals (CHFI); have the skills and knowledge to uncover and analyze complex digital evidence, which is then used to hunt down and prosecute today's most sophisticated cyber criminals.

CISSP certified; The vendor-neutral CISSP certification is the ideal credential for those with proven deep technical and managerial competence, skills, experience, and credibility to design, engineer, implement and manage their overall information security program to protect organizations from growing sophisticated attacks.

  • Reputable credit company
  • Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH)
  • Certified Security Professionals (CHFI)
  • vendor-neutral CISSP certified
Highly qualified
Privacy & Confidentiality
Personal Attention



Our experts have all the knowledge and can get the tools to get the job done. No matter what your needs, we can get it done in a professional and timely manner.

With round the clock support you can reach one of our experts quickly and get your project started.

Our professional experts can encrypt any data and help protect sensitive information from any malicious hacker who might try to hack your systems.